Compliance Packages:
New Entrants Will be Audited in the First 18 Months!

Do not procrastinate. Now is the time to prepare for your New Entrant Safety Audit. Safety Audits may occur anytime after your DOT number is activated, but certain violations could trigger an expedited audit, so be prepared. Rely on TBS to help you comply with all Federal regulations and requirements in the audit process with our Startup Compliance packages.

Do-It-Yourself (DIY) Package - $179.99

Clients receive our DIY Compliance package complete with prepared Policies & Procedures and clear and easy instructions on how to process your driver files, original required forms, and any other necessary guidance you need to pass the DOT audit. This package includes:

  • Controlled Substance Policies & Procedures
  • Hours of Service Policies & Procedures
  • Driver Hiring Criteria
  • Guidance To Establish Equipment Maintenance Files
  • Original Forms (DOT Accident Register, Driver Master, Equipment Master and Driver Application)

Full Service Compliance Package - $455.99

We perform the administrative and research tasks and present you with a personalized binder containing company policies and procedures required by the auditor.

  • Controlled Substance Policies &Procedures

TBS customizes your policies to ensure your voice is heard.

  • Hours of Service Policies and Procedures
  • Guidance To Establish Equipment Maintenance Files
  • Driver Hiring Criteria
  • Customized Original Forms

(DOT Accident Register, Driver Master, Equipment Master, Driver Notice of Violation, Driver Statement of On Duty Hours, and more.)

  • Complete Processing of Driver Qualification Files
    • Standard package includes 2 DQ files
    • Independent Owner/Operator package includes 1 DQ file
    • Full Service Processing includes Driver MVR (Motor Vehicle Record), Previous Employment Verification, Safety Performance, and Drug/Alcohol History.

Additional Driver Qualification Files

** TBS can help enroll you into an accredited Random Drug Screen Consortium program for $74.99 the first year. Following enrollment, the motor carrier manages its drug/alcohol program. Any continuing service and or drug/alcohol screening fees will be invoiced by the consortium following your initial enrollment.

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