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Let TBS processes your MC/DOT# and BOC-3 for FREE!!! You only pay the $300 FMCSA registration fee! No gimmicks, no annual membership fee, no processing or application fee. Eliminate the confusion, expedite the process, and allow our experts to do it right the first time.

Basic Trucking Authority Startup includes: everything you need to get started: MC/DOT # and BOC-3 or build your own custom account and add UCR, Authority Activation Letter, DIY Compliance Pkg., Consortium Enrollment and more. 


If you’re not quite sure where to start, read our how to start a trucking company guide guide first.

MC# Authority

To start your business, you must obtain your own operating trucking authority, which is granted by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA).

TBS and its competitors use the same system to obtain your MC/DOT#’s which FMCSA issues instantly. Your MC/DOT#’s will then be subject to a 14-day protest period that is typically completed in 3 to 4 weeks. During this time TBS will establish your BOC-3 while you file for insurance.

Check your authority status here.

QUESTIONS? Call TBS at 888-627-2032 with any questions.

Licensing & Permitting

Some of the more complicated commercial motor vehicle rules and regulations revolve around state permits, IFTA fuel tax, and truck licenses. Along with Federal laws and regulations, motor carriers must also be aware of state legal requirements. Please see our full list of comprehensive services to learn how TBS can assist you with these requirements.

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DOT Compliance Services

DOT audit around the corner? Starting at only $179.99, our DOT Compliance Services will help get you ready to roll and keep you rolling.

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Let TBS get you started with your MC/DOT# and BOC-3 for FREE!!!
Eliminate the confusion, expedite the process, and allow our experts to do it right the first time

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